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Myths and Facts about Cats:

– Myths:
a) Cats don’t need to be groomed because they groom themselves
b) Cats hate water
c) Cats destroy furniture
d) Cats are not affectionate
– Facts:
a) Cats naturally have oily skin. They lick themselves. Saliva + oily skin + dead skin cells ≠ clean. Cats need our help to really be clean a have a healthy coat and skin.
b) Cats that don’t care for water is because they are not use to it. It is highly encouraged that you have your cat on a regular grooming schedule to help maintain a healthy coat and skin as well as help them adapt to the grooming process.
c) Cats need a scratching post high enough for them to stretch, climb and scratch. This will be their own space and it will avoid scratching of your furniture
d) Cats can be very affectionate creatures but unlike dogs, they show affection on their own terms. They are incredibly helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and depression.